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Please note: Due to Christmas' filming schedule we creating a waiting list until she returns. Please email before purchasing.

Who is this program for: People that are driven to reach their goals but feel overwhelmed to even start. You have a great idea but need someone to hear you out and offer advice.

Frequency & Duration: 30 minute consulting call.

What to expect: We're hear to help you take the stress out of your business. Whatever you are struggling with, I can create the systems to fix your problem.


It's tough to get to your goals. You have a flood of information trying to give you the 'the answer' and it just makes you feel paralyzed.
It can feel overwhelming to try to pick the right way tactic or training.

We know how you feel. For years we felt caught up with just following fads and gimmicks.

That's why we created the Toolkit in the first place. We wanted to assemble the best coaches, and fitness experts to give you their help to make a plan for you succeed in the fitness industry.

We teamed up with Christmas Abbott to help you gain a path to making an impact with social media and learn how to scale your brand.

Even if you have just started thinking about turning your passion for fitness to a business, Christmas is the perfect consultant for you.

She has helped many throughout the years capitalize, not on just creating a business but helping you find the fire to create a vision for your brand and connect with the right people.

What could you accomplish if you had the roadmap to success?

Stop saying you're going to start next week. It's all right here, just for you.

It's time to start right now.

"As a young, female entrepreneur it is not easy getting your own business up and running. After joining the Toolkit they have helped me develop my business into something I would not have been able to do on my own. They are dependable, professional and ARE TO THEIR WORD. It is hard to find a quality services like this that is committed to helping YOU grow your brand."

- Stephanie Giorgi, The New You

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Christmas Abbott
Christmas Abbott

“National Best Selling Author of “Badass Body Diet”, NASCAR Pit Crew Member, CrossFit Games Competitor, Weightlifter Competitor, and Fitness Guru, Christmas is not your average fitness enthusiast. Through struggle, she found fitness and a new spirit that she came to be known as a true Badass.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the consulting work?
The consulting calls are scheduled after buying the right plan that is right for you. After selecting the plan you will recieve a unique link to schedule a consulting call.
What are grounds of termination for the consulting call?
Improper questions deemed unsuitable by the consultant can be grounds to terminate the call.

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