The Toolkit Summit 2017

The Premier International Fitness Tech Conference

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Who is this program for: Fitness entrepreneurs, fitness trainers, personal trainers, gym owners, or nutritional consultants.

Frequency & Duration: Starts October 16th with multiple sessions a day. Schedule TBA.

What to expect: At each presentation, you’ll get to see an expert talk about one topic that will help you to build your business.


Subjects Include:

How to Create a Standout Fitness Business
How to Refine Your Brand and Role in the Fitness Industry
How to Build a Powerful Professional Network in the Fitness Industry
How to Design Online Programming- California Strength
How to Create and Organize a Successful World Youth Team- Travis Mash
How to Organize Your Gym Financially for Success- AJ Roberts
How to Create a Successful Apparel Business- Danny Lehr from Caffeine and Kilos
How to Create a Part-time Business and Make a Full-time Income- Zach Even-Esh
How to Create a Fitness Movement- Joe De Sena (Cofounder of Spartan Race)
How to Create Multiple Revenue Streams for Your Business- Christmas Abbott
The Journey to Discover How to Turn Your Passion for Fitness into a Career
How to Use IG to Build Your Brand
How to Capture Attention in Your Niche
How to Create a Functional Fitness Live Event
How to Create a Charity Event
Case Study: Building the Slingshot- Mark Bell

And More!

"The Toolkit helped me plan my seminars and start building my brand!"

- Taylar Stallings

"I needed some guidance, and working with Doc has opened my eyes in terms of what building my brand truly means... I highly recommend him to anyone looking to network and build."

- Rachel McKay

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The Toolkit
We teach you essential tech skills (including SEO, website design, and much more) that will help you match your incredible ideas with how you can make a sustainable income from your business, as well as cut out the stress of running your business.

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The Toolkit Team

We are a collection of creators from around the fitness industry obsessed with innovation.

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