3 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

Create the Brand the Fits You

Looking at brands sometimes makes you double guess if you're doing the right thing with your own brand.

It looks like everyone else has figured it out and you're always trying to catch up.

But the truth is-

Everyone is just trying to figure it out and the people that are successful have tried a hundred things that didn't work before they found their voice and message.

Instead of being reactive-

You need to know your strength.

In this course we breakdown the three different types of personal brands and how you could create the right voice and messaging from your own strengths that you might not even know you had.


"I was connected to Doc (Cofounder of the Toolkit) through a colleague, in hoping to network to build my brand smarter and better. I needed some guidance, and working with Doc has opened my eyes in terms of what building my brand truly means. He's always on time, efficient and when he says he will do something, he literally does it as he said. Very reliable and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to network and build."

- Rachel McKay, Fitness Model and Actress

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  3 Types of Personal Brands
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