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90% of fitness businesses struggle and fail within 2 years.

You always feel like there are a thousand things you could do improve your business but you're just bogged down.

Every month there is a new type of trend that seems like the solution to crush it and start having clients pouring in.

You're discouraged when it seems like everyone else is killing it and you are alone trying to manage the business and put a front online that your living stress-free with that entrepreneur life.

The truth of the matter is, it takes a long time to realize how to run and scale a successful business and there a lot of dips and dives to figuring out to what you need to succeed

So much business advice is a huge dose of "you can do it!"

But reading generic conversations about what to do, makes you feel like your floundering and can't get a grip on what you need to do with your business.

On top of all of that-

Trying to figure out how to run a fitness brand can cost thousands or dollars and a ton of time just to learn the basics.

And that's where FitOps comes in.


It quickly gets you out of the 'I can't get started' mode and helps you nail down where to go.

FitOps lays out a ton of ideas and strategies if you are in any service type fitness business that wants or needs more clients.

FitOps walks you through the entire process from A to Z, with templates and timelines for making sure everything is done right and will prevent you from wasting thousands of hours and dollars doing it wrong.

"I was connected to Doc (Cofounder of the Toolkit) through a colleague, in hoping to network to build my brand smarter and better. I needed some guidance, and working with Doc has opened my eyes in terms of what building my brand truly means. He's always on time, efficient and when he says he will do something, he literally does it as he said. Very reliable and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to network and build."

- Rachel McKay, Fitness Model and Actress

FitOps includes:

- Weekly Live Q&A in Private FB group. Each month we have a theme and have a breakdown how to implement the strategy in your business. We answer a question and create solutions live that you can take and use immediately.

- Each month we have an expert come in to talk about their business and we compile tips based on their experiences. The experts are from all corners of the fitness realm so their business models vary and allow you to try and see where you want to go in your business

- Step-by-step concepts to help you form the brand you want including guides to find out what type

- Worksheets that are easy to read, follow and execute

- SOPs (standard operating procedures) for specific business structure

- Calendar Templates to create content

- A great resource to access with you everywhere you go so you can always have it when something comes up. Includes on-demand video library

- And special packages and passes throughout the year

The fastest way to scale your fitness business all rolled into this one service

Real, concrete, actionable steps. Start your dream business now.

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The Toolkit Team

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